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Why Brigit is Better for Students than Other Apps Out There

August 30, 2018 When most of us think back to our years as a college student, we think of the good times. Making new friends, laughing for hours, free campus food, staying out till 4am, etc. We also remember the times that weren’t so fun. Like living in the library, stress-studying, stress-eating from stress-studying, and …


Real People, Real Issues and a Real Solution

June 20, 2018 After years of diving through the problem, recruiting the right team, and analyzing four billion transactions to create our secret sauce. Finally, we had member number one! Countless times, we contemplated key questions. Will people like Brigit? Are members going to trust us as a company working on real problems we relate …


Why You Should Choose This App Over a Chase Overdraft Fee

June 6, 2018 If you don’t remember your first overdraft fee, you probably remember the point when your overdraft fees began to get out of hand. What’s probably even more vivid in your memory is the name of the bank responsible for charging you all those fees to begin with. Overdraft fees are expensive, with …


Introducing Brigit, Your Financial Safety Net

April 10, 2018 Hi, I’m Zuben, Co-founder and CEO of Brigit. I’m a frequent overdrafter, a borrower with a bad credit score and a debit card user who buys lots of coffee and most importantly, want to live life on my own terms. At Brigit, we provide a simple, transparent, and convenient solution to the …

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