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As part of the Brigit Free plan, you get access to clear financial insights you can use. Deep dive into your spending habits, keep tabs on bills before they arrive, and find better ways to budget.

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Stay on top of your finances

From upcoming bills to spending insights, you’ll get the big picture of your finances and can zoom in on the details.

Easy to use

Simply connect your bank account that you use regularly to get insights into your spending and earnings.

Save more money

Users who take advantage of our free financial insights tools save more and spend less money in the long run

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Monitor your earnings and expenses

Keep your spending on track by comparing how much you’ve spent with how much you’ve earned.

  • Stay aware of seasonal spending and income trends.
  • Compare your spending month over month.

Stay on top of your bills

With Bill forecast, we’ll let you know what’s due and when.

  • See your upcoming bills in one place.
  • Better plan your budget for the month.
  • See subscriptions and bills you can cut back on.
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See where you’re spending

With our budgeting tool, we’ll break down your spending by category so you can see where you spend the most.

  • Get category breakdowns for everything from food to healthcare.
  • Compare your budget breakdowns to previous months.
  • Identify areas you can spend less.

What our members are saying

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Jeffrey, AL

"Brigit is a super app. The app keeps you up to date on your finances and notifies you if you’re likely to overdraft."

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Mark, FL

"This service is awesome, they have saved me financially so many times. The cool thing is that they actually care."

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Laquantas, TX

"It has helped me better budget myself. Brigit has also helped me stay informed about my credit score and history, and given me lessons on being financially healthy."

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Explore ways to earn extra and save more with our partners.

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Protect your identity3

Keep your identity safe from fraud with full credit reports and up to $1 million in identity theft protection.

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