We’re Brigit

We help everyday Americans build a brighter financial future.

Our mission

We define our success by yours. With transparent, fair, and simple tools, we help you avoid overdrafts, access cash when you need it1, build credit, spend wisely, avoid unfair fees, and start saving more. We don’t just reduce stress — we promote sustainable financial health.

Our story

Did the economy add enough jobs last month? How’s the stock market doing? These may be the concerns of the mainstream media, but who’s asking about your financial health? What if you’re employed — and still struggling?

Maybe, like more than three-quarters of the American population, you live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe, like them, you don’t even have $400 socked away for emergencies. You’d like to save for the future, but where do you even start?

Start with Brigit. We built it for you.

Brigit is a holistic financial health app that helps you cut your stress, build your credit, save, and budget for your future. We don’t insert any hidden fees when you’re not looking. With our simple tools, we teach you financial literacy so you can understand and anticipate your expenses, manage and protect your credit, and make sure you have access to emergency funds if you need them.


We want you to have a stable financial future, and we want to help you get there. Because when your bottom line improves, our bottom line improves. To read more about our story, see here.


Our values

We’re dedicated to just one thing: your financial health. So we make sure we always meet three key standards.


Our founding principle is to look out for—not make a quick buck from—people in need.



When it comes to finances, nobody likes surprises. With Brigit, there are no hidden costs, ever. Ever.



Finance is complicated enough. Our app is designed to not only be easy to use, but actually reduce stress.

Our team

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, but are united in the fight for our members’ financial security and freedom. With experience at Amazon, Deutsche Bank, Palantir, Two Sigma and more, our experts not only have the tools to solve financial insecurity—they’ve witnessed the problem firsthand. At big banks we’ve seen the injustice of inequality. At leading tech companies we’ve learned to build from the best. Now we’re putting both to use to change lives every day.

“Working in finance, I saw firsthand the kinds of inequality plaguing America. I knew there was a better way, and with the help of brilliant people, I could find it. In just two years we’ve already changed millions of lives — but we’re just getting started.”

Zuben Mathews

Co-founder and CEO

“I cofounded Brigit because I couldn’t bear to work on anything else. I know just how deeply financial stress can affect people’s lives — I’ve watched people I love struggle with it. Now I spend every day building a more financially inclusive world.”

Hamel Kothari

Co-founder and CTO

Our investors

Some of these names you might recognize, and some you may not. But they all have in common the desire to transform a rigged system.

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Our backers

We’re tapping into some of the brightest minds in financial technology.

Corey Stone.

Corey Stone

Former CFPB Assistant Director, Markets and Advisor, Financial Health Network

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Bobby Mehta.

Bobby Mehta

Former CEO TransUnion, Board member
TransUnion, AllState

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Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant

Professional Basketball player – 2x NBA Champion and founder of The Durant Charity Foundation

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Ashton kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

Activist, Actor & Co-Founder of Sound Ventures

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Our impact

We’re always looking ahead. But it helps to keep in mind the lives we’ve changed so far.