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couple looking at money management apps on tablet.

The 4 best money management apps for 2024

These days, managing personal finances is easier than ever, thanks to money management apps. Many of them are free, and only charge for certain features, so getting started can be as simple as downloading an app to your phone. Most of these apps cover a lot of the same ground, but many also offer unique …

grocery shopping, an example of variable spending

5 ways to reduce variable spending

Managing our finances can feel like trying to tame a wild animal—it can be unpredictable and overwhelming. (‘Why did we ever bring home this ocelot?’) The variable spending in our budgets can be a little unruly, too—sometimes manageable, other times off the charts. Variable spending means all those expenses that aren’t fixed, such as eating …

room for rent sign, one idea to make money while you sleep.

5 ways to make money while you sleep

Who doesn’t love the idea of making money while you sleep? No one’s going to actually pay you for sleeping (at least not that we’ve seen). But there are ways that you can earn passive income, with minimal daily effort. Here are 5 ways you can make money without having to work at it (or …

affordable summer activities: outdoor movie night.

10 ways to rock summer without sweating your budget

Summer is the perfect time to do just about anything outside. But it’s surprising how much some activities can cost, for admission and tickets, or sometimes gear you need to buy in order to participate. But don’t worry—there are plenty of fun things to do that are free or cost very little. Here are some …

credit score

The 5 things that determine your credit score

Your credit score is a complicated beast, there’s no doubt about that. It usually goes up or down at least a little bit each month, and sometimes it’s hard to understand why. There are 5 key things that determine your credit score. 1. Your payment history (35% of your FICO score) Have you paid most …

wedding guest group at a celebration, two men and two women with champagne.

Save money as a wedding guest: 5 tricks

Being a wedding guest can be really expensive—especially if you’re at that point in life where all your friends seem to be getting married all the time. It can mean that you’re going to multiple weddings every month or two, and often you have to travel to get to them. Buying a gift and an …

asian woman loud budgeting with megaphone

Loud budgeting: what it is and how to do it

Have you heard of loud budgeting? It’s a brand-new trend, and it’s been making waves on TikTok. What is loud budgeting? Basically, it’s a way of standing up to the pressures and expectations that a lot of us feel when we see extravagant lifestyles or ads for expensive products on social media. It can even …

mother's day gift ideas

5 affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas moms will love

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the women in our lives who’ve juggled the roles of driver, chef, therapist, cheerleader, and so many others. But how can you find a worthy gift you can buy without having to sell a kidney? The good news is moms usually care more about how thoughtful a …

woman trying to make money from home by making jewelry

5 great ways to make money from home in 2024

It seems like new ways to make money—or save money—from home are constantly springing up—like some kind of flexible work whack-a-mole game. Except these are often a good thing, and can put a little extra money in your pocket without too much time or effort. And without having to leave the house! Here are 5 …

new cars credit approval

The 5 c’s of credit and what you should know

Did you know that when you apply for a loan or any type of credit approval, most lenders use the 5 Cs to decide whether they’re going to give you credit or a loan? They’ll look at things like your credit scores, credit report, proof of income. The factors they look for when they review …

investment apps on an iphone screen

5 Best investment apps of 2024

Thinking about investing some of your money, but not sure how to get started? There are several apps that make it easy, even if you don’t have a lot of money. Here are our picks for the 5 best investment apps of 2024. 1. Magnifi Magnifi is a great app to use if you’re just …

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