Being a wedding guest can be really expensive—especially if you’re at that point in life where all your friends seem to be getting married all the time. It can mean that you’re going to multiple weddings every month or two, and often you have to travel to get to them. Buying a gift and an outfit to wear—and maybe a plane ticket, too—adds up fast.

Having a lot of close friends can cost you even more: if you’re in the wedding party, you’ll probably have to travel for showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties, buy gifts for multiple events, and have outfits for these various events. It can be a lot.

There are a few tips and tricks that can help keep your costs down… try some of these!

1. Plan travel and book a place to stay as early as you can

If you have to travel to get to the wedding, booking your transportation and lodging as soon as you get the invitation can often help you get the best rates. Look for flight and hotel deals or consider alternative accommodations like Airbnbs. If you can carpool with other friends who are going, or rent a house or apartment to stay in together, that can also be a shortcut to big savings on travel and lodging. If you’re driving to the wedding destination, it can also be helpful to bring an ice chest with food for meals, snacks, and drinks.

2. Be a smart dresser

Instead of purchasing a new outfit for every wedding you’re going to, try to wear the same outfits or accessorize differently to give a fresh look. If you’re a guy, this is much easier—you really just need one suit, and can change your tie, and it’s a whole new outfit. (Lucky you!) For women, it’s a little trickier—it’s hard to wear the same dress to multiple events if the same people are going to be there. And of course, if you’re in the bridal party you may have to buy or rent a specific dress or tuxedo. 

If you aren’t in the bridal party, renting a dress or suit is still a cost-effective option that can allow you to wear high-end fashion without the high price tag. Sites like Rent the Runway can be a fabulous source for fun and affordable wardrobe options. Moreover, exploring used clothing boutiques or online marketplaces like Poshmark can mean finding elegant attire at a fraction of the cost.

3. Go for clever over costly gifts

While you want to give a thoughtful gift, it doesn’t have to strain your finances. Go check out the couple’s registry early, when there are more options in different price ranges so you can buy less expensive items. It’s also a good idea to pool resources with other guests to purchase a more expensive gift from all of you. If there are no affordable options available on the registry, you can also find a memorable gift of your own, or get the couple a gift card for one of the stores where they’re registered. Alternatively, you can offer to contribute to the wedding by sharing one of your skills—providing photography services for the wedding or baking the wedding cake can be a deeply personal and budget-friendly gift.

4. Take advantage of group discounts

A lot of times, weddings have blocks of hotel rooms reserved for guests at a discounted rate. Be sure to inquire about this when you’re planning where to stay. Also, if the wedding has a lot of out-of-town guests, there might be group discounts available for transportation, like shuttles or rental cars. And if the weather’s nice and it’s not too far a distance, it can also be fun to allow yourself enough time to walk, and explore a new city along the way!

5. Be mindful of additional events

Wedding weekends can include multiple events, and each of those could potentially require a gift or specific attire. Be selective about which events you attend if attending all is going to be a strain on your finances. For example, if you need to choose, prioritize the main wedding ceremony and reception over the rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch.