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Instant Cash¹

Need cash fast? No problem.²

Free Express Delivery

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Credit Builder³

Build your credit and save.
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Credit Monitoring

Stay on top of your credit with score updates and access to your full credit report.

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Identity Theft Protection

Get up to $1 million in identity theft reimbursement, lost wallet assistance, and restoration services.

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Earn & Save

Find opportunities to earn and get exclusive offers.

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Finance Helper

Stay on top of your expenses with spending breakdowns, bill forecasts, and earnings comparisons.







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Banks profit from your financial stress. But we’re invested in your success.

Unlike other apps you might’ve seen, you won’t have to tip, spend $5 just to get $20 more, or get locked into layers of subscriptions. Brigit is the only financial health company that fundamentally changes the lives of its members. We don’t measure our success by the money they spend with us, but by the money we help them save.

Since we charge a monthly membership fee, our business model doesn’t rely on our members’ continuous use of advances or borrowing in ever larger amounts. “Instead, Brigit benefits when its members are able to better manage their cash flow and use advances with less frequency,” says Corey Stone, Former Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Overdraft Division. Brigit’s goal is the same as that of each of its members: to make meaningful progress toward good financial health.