Our pricing

Two simple plans.
No hidden fees, “tips”, or fine print.

Two simple plans. No hidden fees, “tips,” or fine print.


Get quick cash advances, find side gigs and save an average of $344 a year in fees1



Get alerts, financial insights, and more


Instant Cash

Need cash ASAP? No problem.2

Credit Builder

Build your credit and save.

Credit Protect & Secure

Tools and full credit reports to help you monitor and improve your credit.

Auto Advances

If you're at risk of an overdraft we'll automatically make sure you're covered.2

Flexible Repayment

Need more time? No problem. Payback early? We have you covered.

Identity Theft Protection

Protect and insure your identity with $1M identity theft insurance.

Earn Extra

Find opportunities to increase your overall income.

Finance Helper

Get practical information on your past, current and future financial outcomes.


Personalized content and tips to guide your financial health.





Banks profit from your financial stress. But we’re invested in your success.

Unlike other apps you might’ve seen, you won’t have to tip, spend $5 just to get $20 more, or get locked into layers of subscriptions. Brigit is the only financial health company that fundamentally changes the lives of its members. We don’t measure our success by the money they spend with us, but by the money we help them save.

Since we charge a monthly membership fee, our business model doesn’t rely on our members’ continuous use of advances or borrowing in ever larger amounts. “Instead, Brigit benefits when its members are able to better manage their cash flow and use advances with less frequency,” says Corey Stone, Former Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Overdraft Division. Brigit’s goal is the same as that of each of its members: to make meaningful progress towards good financial health.

To learn more about this, read Incentives Matter: A Business Model That Stands Out by Corey Stone, advisor to Brigit.