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Whether you have no or bad credit, you can start building your credit in seconds with instant approval. No credit check needed.

Built to save you money

Forget about paying upfront fees, deposits, or interest. Members build credit by saving just $1 a month.

Made to build your credit fast

Build positive payment history – the single most important factor for your score – and grow your score in as little as a few weeks.

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Open a credit builder account

We will arrange a 12 or 24-month loan on your behalf for you, based on our recommendation, and keep the funds in a new deposit account for your benefit. This starts building your credit history & improves your credit mix.

Set aside as little as $1 a month

Choose how much you’d like to contribute towards your monthly minimum payment. If you choose less than the full amount, the rest will be paid from your new deposit account.

Build payment history

Each payment is reported to all three major credit bureaus. This builds positive payment history and your score.

Better credit, more savings

After 12 or 24 months, you'll have paid off the entire loan. Not only will you have a better score, but you’ll also get back all the money you contributed with your credit builder payments.

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Mishea, AL

"I saw my credit score jump by 79 points with Credit Builder—in just the first month! I’d recommend Brigit to any of my friends as an easy way to build credit."

Rion, OH

"I was approved instantly! Brigit has helped me establish on-time payment history that will stay on my credit report for the rest of my life. It's an easy, safe, and secure way to build your credit."

Andrew, CA

"Credit Builder is helping me heal my credit so I can buy my dream house one day. With Brigit, it’s like I have a team of experts right at my fingertips, helping me live a better financial life."

Start building your credit & more with Brigit Plus for $9.99 a month

Build your credit

Watch your credit score go up* with low monthly payments that build payment history.

Get up to $250** instantly

Tap to get an advance within seconds. No interest. No credit check.

Manage your budget

Understand your spending and earning trends.

Protect your identity

Keep your identity safe from fraud with full credit reports and up to $1 million in identity theft protection.

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How does the credit builder account work?

Brigit arranges a credit builder installment loan for you and deposits it into a brand new deposit account with Coastal Community Bank.

  • Each month, the minimum loan payment is split in two: you choose an amount of your choice to contribute (any amount between $1 and $50), and the rest is paid from your new deposit account, which holds the loan proceeds.
  • Each successful monthly payment is reported to the three major credit bureaus, building positive payment history. The portion of the payment that you contribute each month also adds to your savings, which you can access once your loan is repaid.
  • Once the loan is repaid in full, you’ll have built positive credit history! You will also get back all the monthly payments you put in!
What is a credit builder loan with Brigit?

A credit builder loan with Brigit is an installment loan that helps you build positive payment history, the most crucial factor for your credit score.

The difference between a credit builder loan with Brigit and a traditional loan is that the loan proceeds are held in a secure deposit account that we open in your name and can be used to help pay a portion of each monthly payment. This allows you to minimize the amount of money you need to contribute each month while still demonstrating positive payment history against a larger loan.

We report every payment you make to the three major credit bureaus, helping you build up your credit by establishing positive payment history.

Will there be a hard pull of my credit score when I open my credit builder account?

No. There is no credit check done as part of opening your Brigit credit builder loan (and no minimum credit score required). Every month, we will report to the credit bureaus all account and payment information related to your loan, which will impact your credit score.

How will the credit builder account affect my score?

When you first open your credit builder account, you might see a small dip in your score. This is normal; it happens whenever new credit accounts are added to your report.

As you start making monthly payments towards your credit builder loan, we report them to the three major credit bureaus, building positive payment history, the most crucial factor for your credit score.

Why should I sign up for Brigit’s credit builder account?

Brigit’s credit builder account is designed to help you build your credit score fast by showing the credit bureaus positive payment history, the most crucial factor for your score. It also helps you grow your savings, as each payment that you make towards your minimum monthly payment is added to your newly established deposit account at Coastal Community Bank and given back to you once your loan is repaid in full.

Do you report to all three credit bureaus when building credit with Brigit?

Yes! Your credit builder payments and current credit builder loan balance are reported to all three bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, every month.

How much does it cost to build my score with Brigit?

In order to open your credit builder loan, you must sign up for Brigit Plus, which costs $9.99 a month, and commit to contributing at least $1 a month towards your monthly credit builder loan repayment. There are no other additional costs. No interest. No late fees. Nothing.

Does Brigit perform a credit check when opening a credit builder account?

No. Brigit does not perform a credit check when you open your credit builder account, and get your credit builder loan. We collect some personal information (like name, address, date of birth and SSN) in order to verify your identity, but we do NOT perform a hard credit inquiry, and there is no minimum score required to open the account.

Can I cancel my credit builder account at any time?

Yes. Sometimes financial circumstances change, so we do allow you to cancel your credit builder account at any time. Should you choose to do so, any remaining loan balance will be paid from your deposit account, and any amount remaining may be sent to your connected bank account.

Can I access the money from my credit builder loan?

No. Unlike traditional personal loans or Brigit Instant Cash, you do not have access to the money from your Brigit credit builder loan. When your credit builder account is opened, the loan proceeds are held in a new, secure deposit account that we open in your name. You can access any funds remaining in your deposit account once your loan is paid off in full.

Why? Your Brigit secure deposit account is designed to facilitate on-time payments and establish a positive payment history, the most important factor for your credit score.

If you need access to money immediately, consider using Brigit Instant Cash instead.

How did you calculate the credit builder loan size that is right for me?

We choose loan size and term to be both impactful and affordable. Based on the profiles of our customers, we chose an amount that would be easy to make monthly payments on, but still would have a sizeable impact on your credit score when demonstrating repayment history.

More questions? Check out our FAQ

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