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Woman with pink suitcase and passport, travel insurance.

Should you buy travel insurance?

Deciding whether to buy travel insurance is one of those things that can get pretty confusing. It’s an extra cost that adds to your overall trip expenses, so it’s easy to want to skip it. But what if you don’t get it and then something happens and you end up needing it? Overthinking abounds. Obviously …

best deals at the dollar store. exterior parking lot.

The best dollar store deals

Dollar stores are treasure troves for shoppers in search of great deals. There are several different chains in this discount category, but they all basically focus on items that are priced—you guessed it—around a dollar. (In a previous era there was something called a ‘dime store’, but with inflation, here we are!) It’s easy to …

TV streaming, multimedia, how to save money on entertainment.

how to save money on entertainment

These days, there’s a ton of content available online, from ebooks and music to movies and TV streaming services. It’s great to be able to stream the entire Taylor Swift catalog, or Netflix and chill any night of the week… but the costs can add up fast. The good news is, there are some ways …

Young african american woman putting money in a piggy bank to save $10,000 a year.

How to save $10,000 a year

Saving $10,000 a year may seem like a lofty goal, but with the right strategies and commitment, it’s entirely achievable. Whether you’re saving for a specific financial milestone or want to bolster your emergency fund, here are some tips for how to save $10,000 a year. 1. Create a detailed budget A well-structured budget is …

How to meal prep for the week to save money on lunch

We all know there’s no free lunch… but with a little meal prepping, there’s a much more affordable lunch for every day of the week! By preparing your lunches for the week ahead, you can reduce your spending on eating out or ordering takeout and eating out. Planning ahead also makes it easier to eat …

colorful beach houses, ideal for a house swap!

How to take an affordable vacation with a house swap

Vacations are a great (and usually much-needed) way to relax, explore new places, and create lasting memories. But the cost of travel, a place to stay, and dining can quickly add up, so unless you’re a Kardashian (or otherwise independently wealthy—lucky you) you probably can’t afford to take a lot of vacations each year. Fortunately, …

open enrollment

What you should know about open enrollment

Open enrollment is a timeframe when employees of a company can select or make changes to their health insurance plans. Here’s how it works, and everything you should know about it. What is open enrollment? Open enrollment is a window of time each year when individuals and employees can enroll in or make changes to …

affordable health insurance

How to find affordable health insurance

Affordable health insurance is an important part of being financially prepared for health problems or injuries. But the search for affordable coverage can be challenging, especially with so many insurance plans out there, and varying costs. Here are some tips to help you find health insurance that fits your budget without compromising on quality. 1. …

affordable meals family of 4

Inexpensive meals for a family of 4

If you have a family, you know that everyone typically expects to be fed. Every single day. (The nerve!) But in all seriousness, we know that feeding a family of 4 can be expensive. But with a little planning and creativity, you can make delicious and satisfying meals on a budget. Here are five easy-to-make, …

personal finance books

Top 10 personal finance books

Managing our personal finances is a key part of each of our lives. But somehow, in school, most of us learn about quadratic equations and polynomials—which aren’t the type of math skills that are useful for managing money (or anything else, really). But lucky for us, there are some really helpful books on managing our …

money affirmations

Money affirmations: positive thinking for financial success

Money affirmations are powerful tools that can help you shift your mindset and transform your relationship with—you guessed it—money. Sure, it sounds a little new-agey, but these positive statements can actually reprogram your subconscious mind, boost your confidence, and attract abundance into your life. (It’s okay to talk to yourself when it helps to improve …

check your credit score

How to check your credit score

Your credit score is a super-important number that lenders use to evaluate your creditworthiness. It influences your ability to get loans, credit cards, and favorable interest rates. Checking your credit score regularly is important to ensure its accuracy and monitor your overall financial health. Here’s a quick guide on how to check your credit score. …

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