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hidden money and resources

Hidden Money and Resources You Might Not Be Thinking About

There is a lot going on, we know that. It sometimes feels like we’re living in a live action version of Chicken Little (Is the sky actually falling?) Here at Brigit, we want to help you keep track of all your resources and take advantage of whatever is helpful. 1. Use your 401K – before …

Piggy bank

401 k – Your Savior During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The CARES Act, the legislation signed into law to help people affected by the coronavirus crisis, contains plenty of provisions for those saving for and living in retirement. The new rules apply to people, who have lost their job because of the pandemic, those suffering from COVID-19, or who have a spouse with the virus. If you have …


Using Your HSA and FSA accounts Wisely During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, contains important provisions that will affect Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Also, under existing rules, certain changes in your situation may allow you to increase or decrease contributions, or enroll or disenroll from your FSA. Health Savings Account …

Rent relief

Rent Relief During Coronavirus

As we approach the coming months, more and more concerns are growing around America’s ability to pay rent. With over 20 million Americans filing for unemployment, and this number growing by the day, many are worried about how they will pay to keep a roof over their heads. While the majority of states are offering …


Telemedicine – Affordable Option For Those Without a Health Insurance

As the coronavirus cases in the U.S. continue to rise, many Americans are losing their jobs. Unemployment during a health crisis can be very challenging since about 49% of Americans get health insurance through their employer. Millions of workers are at risk of losing their employer-provided health insurance. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have …

Pie Charts

Brigit Cares: COVID-19 Wellness Survey and Resources

In the second week of March, we surveyed some of our Brigit members to check how they have been impacted by the Coronavirus Situation. In this blog, we will help you find solutions to some pressing financial concerns by giving you access to resources that you might need during these tough times. Overall how has …


Banks That Have Paused Overdraft Fees Collection As Stimulus Checks Hit

As 22 million Americans are now out of work due to the coronavirus, many don’t have enough money to cover bills and buy essentials. Those trying to make ends meet this month may wind up overdrawing their account and paying hefty overdraft fees.  The country’s largest banks said they’re making adjustments to ensure stimulus payments …

Health Insurance if you are unemployed

Health Insurance Options After Losing Your Job Due To Coronavirus

In the second week of  March, we surveyed a group of Brigit users to find out how many of you have health insurance. We found out that about 16% of our users don’t have any health insurance, 65% had insurance from their employer. If you recently lost your coverage due to a layoff or cut …

stimulus check budgeting

Budgeting Your $1200 Stimulus Check

An estimated 80 million Americans have by now received the highly anticipated government stimulus check through direct deposit. If you haven’t received it yet, go read this article immediately and figure out why. I Didn’t Get My Stimulus Check Yet Now, you’re probably thinking about what you should do with this money. Learning how best …

Cash Photo

I Didn’t Get My $1200 Check, What Gives?

Lots of our members and people all across America got a nice bonus this week. $1200 or more in their bank account from the IRS. Maybe you’re not one of the lucky people, let’s go into a few reasons why you may not have received your payment and how you can solve the issue. Important …


Why I Joined Brigit

The focus of my academic and professional career is redesigning financial services to work better for those who need them most. All too often, empowering tools are systematically inaccessible for working-class families. When solutions are made available, they are designed to be more expensive and punitive. The overdraft fee in America is a perfect example. In …

Resources To Access

Free Resources To Access During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has sapped us from our regular routines and required us to evolve very quickly on the fly. Luckily there are many services to help out that are free to use. Industries and organizations have pitched in and offered free resources from entertainment and education to mental health in order for us to cope during …

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