Looking for the perfect gift for mom? We’ve got you covered with nine easy Mother’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank. (It’s the thought that counts after all!) And if you need a little extra cash, we can help with that too. Join Brigit Plus and you can get up to a $250* cash advance in minutes to cover your Mother’s Day shopping.

Bring Her Fresh Flowers 

Head to your local farmer’s market for the best deal on fresh blooms. Can’t make it there? Don’t underestimate your grocery store flower section! They’ll likely have specials for Mother’s Day too. 

Frame Your Favorite Photo

Print out a favorite childhood photo and get it framed for mom. You can order a photo print online and have it delivered straight to your house. When it comes to frames, hit the craft supply store for the best deals.

Picnic in the Park

Make a day of it and head to the park with mom. Pack a picnic of her favorite snacks and set up shop at her favorite spot. Nothing beats some quality time together. Bonus points if you take a photo to frame and send to her later.

DIY Card From the Heart

Let her know how much she means to you while flexing your artistic skills. Grab some construction paper and colored pencils to make mom a fridge-worthy card.

Record a Favorite Memory

Play podcast host and record a conversation between you and your mom. Ask her about her childhood, her favorite thing about being a mom, or to share her best advice. It will be a gift you’ll both enjoy for years to come. 

Cook Her Dinner at Home

If she’s usually the one in the kitchen, give her a break this Mother’s Day. Pick up all of her favorite ingredients and treat her to a home cooked meal. Bonus points if you use a family recipe.  

Help Out With Chores

Give her a break from weeding the garden or cleaning the house. Make a book of coupons that she can redeem for help with chores and tasks around the house. She’ll be grateful, we promise.

Send Her Favorite Treat

Does she have a sweet tooth? Have dessert from her favorite restaurant or bakery delivered to her house using a food delivery app, like Uber Eats.  

Give Her a Ring

Have you called your mother lately? Carve out some time to catch up and reminisce. Hearing your voice will be better than any gift! 

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