Shopping for a gift doesn’t have to break the bank! There are plenty of ways to be creative and thoughtful without spending the big bucks. And if you need a little extra cash, we can help with that too. Join Brigit Plus and you can get up to a $250* cash advance in minutes to cover that shopping list.

Here are a few of our go-to gifts on a budget:

Frame a favorite photo

Print that favorite photo of the two of you. You can upload images online and have them printed for pickup at a local retailer or have the print mailed directly to your house. When it comes to frames, hit the craft supply store for the best deals.

Drop off fresh flowers 

You’ll get the best deals on flowers at your local farmer’s market, so pick up a bouquet there instead of ordering online. If you want to include a vase, hit up your local thrift or vintage store for a good deal on cool glassware. Avoid the delivery fee and drop them off yourself along with a handmade card. 

Share a home cooked meal 

A home cooked meal will always beat dining out. Invite them over and whip up their favorite dish. They’ll love not having to cook or clean up. 

Take over a chore 

Help them make the most of their special day by taking on something on their to-do list. Walk the dog. Mow the lawn. Take the kiddos off their hands for a few hours. 

Make a playlist 

Playlists are the new mixtape. Create a custom playlist of songs that remind you of them and send them a link to listen. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Get crafty

Who doesn’t love a DIY gift? Tie dye a vintage tee. Make a piece of jewelry. Paint something. Let those creative juices flow. 

Record a favorite memory

Be your own podcast host and record a conversation about a favorite memory you’ve shared together. It will be something they can come back to for years to come.