When we make budgets, we plan for all the expenses we know we’ll have to pay for. But what about the things that aren’t routine, those surprise costs that can hit us hard? Here are 5 common unexpected expenses to be prepared for.

1. Car repairs

Whether you have a vintage car or a more modern one, expenses related to your ride are a common source of unexpected costs. If your car is older, you need to be prepared for major repairs—things like rebuilding your radiator or transmission. (There also may be ways you can prevent some expensive car problems.) If your car is newer, you’ll still want to be prepared for things like needing new tires and new brakes.

2. Home repairs

It’s a great thing to own a home, but it does come with a lot of potentially high unexpected expenses. If you’re a homeowner, you should be ready to pay for things like appliance repair or replacement, roof repairs, plumbing disasters, and electrical upgrades.

3. Vet bills

Obviously this one doesn’t apply to you if you don’t have pets… but for people who do it’s a common unexpected expense. Most expensive vet visits for dogs and cats are things like injuries, eating something they shouldn’t, and foxtails that require surgery.

4. Taxes

It’s important to try to estimate and withhold the right amount of taxes throughout the year, but we all make mistakes sometimes. And it can be easy to forget to hold back money from unexpected earnings. Those can be things like a one-time payment or income from a side business where you employ yourself. If you don’t withhold the right amount during the year, you might get hit with an unpleasant surprise at tax time.

5. Natural disasters

For some natural disasters, like fire, many of us have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to cover the loss of our home and/or contents. But other types of coverage—like earthquake, flood, or tornado—are optional in many areas. And if they hit hard, you could be stuck with devastating costs to cover.

One way to be prepared for unexpected expenses is to have an emergency fund to help cover you in just these types of situations. And if you need some extra cash quickly, Brigit Instant Cash* can help, too.

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