You got into your dream school and now it’s time to hit the books—but first, let’s talk about money. Beyond financial aid, you’ll want to create a budget and practice healthy financial habits while you’re in school. Below, five tips to help you save while you study!

1. Create a budget (and stick to it!)

Having a monthly budget while you’re in school is key. Take some time to look at all of your expenses (housing, textbooks and supplies, transportation, food, entertainment, etc) and create a budget that works for you and your goals. 

2. Avoid eating out

Dining out adds up quickly, so if you can, try to cook your own meals as often as possible. If you’re living on campus and have a meal plan, take advantage of it (and factor it into your budget)!

3. Shop for used textbooks 

You’d be surprised how much you can save on textbooks when you get them used. Your school bookstore may offer a used book section, or you can search for used books online. 

4. Get a roommate

Housing costs can eat up a big portion of your budget if you’re living alone, so consider sharing an apartment or home with a roommate or two. You’ll save on rent and utilities this way. 

5. Take advantage of student discounts

Take that student ID with you everywhere! A lot of businesses offer discounts for students on everything from food to clothing to software. You can also get discounted memberships to museums, gyms, and more.