If you’re looking to improve your credit score with Brigit, the first step is connecting your bank account. And you might be asking yourself, “what does my bank account have to do with my credit?” The answer is, well, just about everything.

Below, we’ll walk you through exactly why you need to connect your bank account to use our Credit Builder service.

1. Is Credit Builder Right for You?

Connecting your bank account is the easiest way for us to determine if Credit Builder is a service that can truly help you. We want to make sure you have an active account with regular expenses—if we can’t verify this, we won’t be able to help you build your credit score. (And don’t worry, connecting your account won’t impact your credit score in any way.)

2. Start Building Your Credit

Once your bank account is connected and you’re approved for Credit Builder, we’ll use your bank account to start paying back your interest-free loan. (You choose the amount you pay and payment date and at the end of your loan term, you get back all the money you put into it!) We build your credit by showing the credit bureaus this regular payment history, which can account for ~35% of your credit score.

3. Access All the Brigit Services

When you connect your bank account and sign up for a Brigit Plus plan (just $9.99/month), you’ll not only have access to Credit Builder, but you’ll also be able to apply for Instant Cash, set budgets, track your spending, get balance alerts, and take advantage of our identity theft protection plan.

4. We’ll Keep Your Info Secure

We understand that security is a priority, especially when it comes to your bank account and SSN. We use the same 256-bit encryption that the big banks use and we never sell your information to third parties.

Ready to build your credit? Let’s go!


Simona from Team Brigit

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