June 6, 2018

If you don’t remember your first overdraft fee, you probably remember the point when your overdraft fees began to get out of hand. What’s probably even more vivid in your memory is the name of the bank responsible for charging you all those fees to begin with. Overdraft fees are expensive, with a Chase overdraft fee equalling $34 per transaction, while a BoA overdraft fee is $35 per transaction.

For our Brigit member, Nakenya, overdraft fees were quite familiar. Between working two jobs and helping out her younger brothers and sisters, she didn’t have time to constantly check her bank balance to see if she was running low on funds. With the help of Brigit and our app’s Auto Advances feature that sends her money automatically when her balance is low, Nakenya has been successfully avoiding overdraft fees and getting closer to her goal of saving money to go back to school to become a registered nurse.

Nakenya’s Story:

I’m 23 years old and live in Florida. I work two part-time jobs during the week: my first job is being a cashier at Lowe’s and my second job is being a cook. I’ve been working at Lowe’s now for over two years and really enjoy my work, especially as I get to interact with customers a lot. With my work, I find myself personally and professionally growing to take on more responsibility and become more social. Someday, I’d like to save enough money to go back to school and study in the medical field to become a registered nurse. I grew up in a big family, and I find myself taking care of my younger siblings all the time.

How does Brigit help you?

Brigit helps me pay my bills, and I don’t overdraft anymore. Sometimes, I find myself in a bind and cannot pay for rent or utilities without overdrafting.

“Brigit helps me pay my bills, and I don’t overdraft anymore”

After turning ‘on’ Brigit, I can now relax because I don’t have to worry about paying late fees and overdrafting my account. I do use other apps that send me money, like Earnin, but I find that I like Brigit the best because it automatically sends me money when I need it the most. I don’t have to worry about checking my balance to request money myself. My membership also includes some tools to help me stay afloat like overdraft predictions and balance alerts. It’s great.

What does financial stability mean to you?

To me, financial stability means not having to worry about whether I’m going to be short on bills, like rent or utilities.


Like Nakenya, many of our members use Brigit to protect them against overdraft fees. On average, our members have saved $525 in overdraft fees since they first joined Brigit. In other words, that’s equivalent to you overdrafting 15 times with a Chase overdraft fee or BoA overdraft fee! If you’d like to see how much you could save with us, see how Brigit compares with overdraft fees.