Making ends meet is hard, but with simple steps you can ensure your bills get paid and still have money left over. At Brigit, we’ve got your back during this process. Our advances are here to help you bridge the gap and our flat monthly membership fee makes it affordable to do so. 

In fact, not only do our advances cover you in the short term, they also save you money – big money. On average our members save $34 for each NSF charge they avoid. Think about it – that’s about the cost of a tank of gas, some monthly cell phone charges or how much the average family of four spends on food a day.

We’re proud to be there for our members in good times and bad. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some ways our real members are putting the roughly $514 they save annually to good use:

Real Member savings

“I am so thankful for Brigit, I was able to save $200 in fees that I need now for savings.”

– John

“I used my savings of $150 to cover a car payment that I’ve been short on a monthly basis.”

– Mary

“I really can’t believe how much I have saved on this app in just a short time. You have really kept me out of the negative.”

– Tasha

“I could cry!!! You guys are there for me when I find myself in a pinch! Just knowing you are a legitimate service and hope to make real changes and secure my financial future. I love the Brigit app!!”

– Lakiesha