Online surveys and app testing offer a convenient and flexible way to earn money from the comfort of your home. There are sites that will pay for your opinions and thoughts, ranging from quick surveys taking just a few minutes to lengthier ones that pay more.

On average, surveys pay between $0.50 and $5.00 per survey. However, since the number of available surveys is limited, it may not be possible to fill all your spare time with survey work. Realistically, you can expect to earn somewhere around $2.50 per hour.

Potential earnings can average around $50 for 20 hours of work.

Online survey side hustles

  • Survey Junkie allows you to complete surveys and earn points that can be redeemed for cash or other rewards.
  • Swagbucks, another popular option, functions similarly to Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys. However, the minimum payout amount is lower, allowing you to cash out once you earn $1, enabling faster access to your earnings.
  • Branded Surveys operates similarly to Survey Junkie, offering a limited supply of surveys. Branded Surveys generally has more survey opportunities compared to Survey Junkie. To maximize your earnings, it’s crucial to respond promptly to new surveys and take as many as possible.
  • Inbox Dollars is also similar to the aforementioned platforms. Besides taking surveys, you can also try new apps, play online games, and earn cash back on purchases through promotions and special discounts.

Site or app testing side hustles

Another avenue to consider is becoming an app or site tester. Some tests offer lucrative pay, but the availability of tests is limited, making it impossible to fully utilize your side hustle time. Joining multiple testing sites can increase your chances of accessing more opportunities.

On average, a 20-minute test can earn you around $10. However, realistically, you may only have access to one to three tests per week. Even with multiple sites, it’s challenging to predict consistent hourly earnings.

  • Scrambly offers multiple ways to earn money, including surveys, game playing, and trying and reviewing new products and services. If you enjoy gaming, this platform might be great as it often requires reaching specific game levels to earn, which can be time-consuming.
  • Testerup has received mixed reviews, primarily due to claims about high earnings for testing apps, games, and products. While their site suggests potential earnings of “up to $120 per test offer,” such opportunities are not the norm. Testerup’s minimum payout of $70 is considerably higher than UserTesting or Scrambly, requiring a substantial accumulation of earnings before cashing out.
  • UserTesting is a platform that compensates you for testing apps and games. Tests typically pay around $10 for a 20-minute session. However, test availability is generally limited, making it uncertain whether tests will be available hourly or daily.

Overall, online surveys and app/site testing can provide a flexible way to make money from home. But it’s important to manage expectations regarding the number of available surveys/tests and potential earnings. By diversifying your platforms and staying proactive, you can increase your chances of earning supplemental income. 

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