Pet sitting or dog walking gigs can be the best side hustles for animal lovers. They allow you to spend quality time with dogs or cats and get paid for it!

The top dog walking apps make it easy to set up a calendar specifying the days and hours you’re available to walk dogs or visit clients’ homes to feed or do drop-in visits with their pets. If you’re open to staying at someone’s home or letting their pet crash at yours, you can also offer extended pet-sitting services.

With a consistent schedule, you might be able to build a steady client base with regular bookings. You set your own hourly rate, though setting it too high could limit the number of inquiries you’ll get. As a guideline, the national average rate for dog walkers, which stands at $16.50 per hour. Rates for other services may vary.

Average potential earnings: $330.00 for 20 hours

House and pet–sitting side hustles

If you’re available to take care of pets while their owners are away, whether by checking in on them, feeding them, or even staying at their homes for extended periods, there are lots of opportunities to earn money through pet sitting jobs and house sitting gigs. Here are three platforms that focus primarily on pet sitting jobs:

  • PetBacker: Offers services beyond just dog walking and pet sitting. With PetBacker you can serve as a ‘pet taxi,’ providing transportation for pets, or you can offer pet grooming services if you have the proper training.
  • Meowtel: If you prefer feline companionship (or are allergic to dogs), Meowtel is the perfect app. You can choose to do drop-in visits or even stay in the cat owner’s home to take care of their feline friend while they’re away.
  • True to its name, is a comprehensive platform focused on providing care for various living beings, including pets, children, and seniors. If you’re interested, you can also explore opportunities in tutoring and housekeeping on

Side hustles for dog lovers

Dog walking can be a fantastic way to enjoy relaxing walks and canine companionship while you work. Here are some of the top dog-walking apps, which offer a range of services beyond just walking dogs:

  • Rover: One of the top dog walking apps. It allows you to offer dog walking, pet sitting, or boarding services. While it doesn’t provide dog training options, you can offer doggie daycare services if you’re able to care for multiple dogs in your home during the day.
  • Wag!: Similar to Rover, Wag! is a well-established dog walking app that likely has a lot of dog walking opportunities in your area. In addition to dog walking, you can also provide services like boarding, or even training if you have the necessary experience.
  • Fetch!: Along with dog walking, pet sitting, and drop-in visits, Fetch! also offers the opportunity to administer pet medications for pets who require medical attention while their owners are away.

If you’re an animal lover looking for a side hustle, dog walking or pet sitting can be a rewarding gig. Check out the apps above to start building your side hustle income today. Looking for other ways to earn? Check out our list of the best side hustles for 2023.