The best online side hustles allow you to find opportunities to match the particular skills you have or things you enjoy doing. Online marketplaces make it easy—you can list the services you offer on your profile, and you can also find posted gigs that are a match for what you want to do.

The freelancer average hourly rate ranges from $20-28 (with the higher end of that range usually applying to specialized areas like legal work, accounting, or software development.

Our favorite side hustle websites

  • TaskRabbit lets you list your services and find business online, but the tasks are generally local, in person. Most TaskRabbit gigs are handyman-related jobs. You can help clients organize, put together furniture, or repair things like plumbing or electricity. 
  • Fiverr has a broad array of small projects in a number of categories. Video editing, writing, data entry, and graphic design are just a few of the services you can make available to clients.
  • Upwork tends to feature larger, more complex projects. So when it comes to comparing Upwork vs Fiverr, the size of the jobs is the main difference. Upwork jobs are often ongoing. Some of the services you can offer design, customer service, virtual assistant, and social media account management.
  • is a great site for you if you enjoy teaching and have relevant expertise. If you have teaching or tutoring experience, you can tutor students from kindergarten to college. If you can provide continuing education training in a particular industry, that’s another area where can match you to clients.
  • Teachaway is a marketplace where you can find virtual teaching jobs, from flexible gig-based roles to full-time. You can find teaching gigs for everything from early childhood to university-level courses.

Average potential earnings: $400-$560 for 20 hrs

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