April 17, 2019

After 2 months of job hunting, getting a job offer from Brigit was an extremely satisfying experience. From the gritty process of sending out job application after job application to scheduling phone interviews to landing the in-persons, it finally all comes full circle and viola! Negotiate + Accept + Sign + Celebrate = See you on Monday! Thank you career gods for Angel List (We’re hiring btw!)

Always Be Prepared

The eve before my first day at Brigit, I try to make sure I was as prepared as possible. I did my best on researching the company and got myself oriented with the Brigit app.  It is very user-friendly! One of the main reasons I want to work for Brigit is because I have a personal interest in microfinance and financial wellness. I’m a bit obsessed with checking my bank account balances and credit score for starters. It’s exciting to be a part of a socially responsible company with a mission of helping others manage their money better!

So I packed my lunch, bought my train tickets, picked out my outfit, got the Mary Poppins commuter bag all ready. Making my morning efficient is key for me since I try to bank as much sleep as possible. So many feels! *Yawn*; time to attempt to get some quality shut eye.

I blink and it’s go-time. Luckily and unluckily for me, I have a commute that clocks in just under 1.5 hours each way (if there’s no escapades on NJ Transit’s part) so I have a lot of time to utilize on the train. What better way to start than to crack open “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie? (Great read, highly recommend!)

It’s Go Time!

After my pilgrimage of a commute, I show up at the office, say hi to the service elevator attendant and ride up to the 6th floor. One of my coworkers happens to be in the elevator as well so when we get to the office door, he gets us inside with his thumb print and we’re off to the races.

It was awesome meeting everyone at the weekly 9am Monday stand up meeting and we all announce what our goals are for the week. As a goal oriented type of gal – I’m digging it! The work ethic of others has always inspired me.

My teammate and the token customer experience guru gets me all set up with Zen Desk, Slack, Gmail, and all the other platforms I will use at Brigit. He also takes some time to show me around the Brigit app, so I learn some insider tips on how it works and see how everything looks on the back end. From then on out, it’s me, my million questions, and just straight up crushing tickets! We’re quite busy all day and week due to the high volume of inquires. I sincerely enjoy this because before you know it, the day is over and you’re headed home. I love the satisfaction of a job well done and knowing I’ve helped a ton of users succeed with our app.

The office environment at Brigit is generally nice and quiet while everyone just chugs away. Wow! Everyone is super focused and works really hard here, I hope I’m up to par! I get better acclimated every day and by the end of the week and we’ve finally hit inbox zero. Heck yes!


T.G.I.F. at Brigit

Thankfully, we have another customer experience team member come in on Fridays to add to the group synergy of getting sh*t done. The UX/UI Designer, Sandra and the CEO, Zuben want to meet with me. I get a little anxious and nervous! I’m unsure if it’s bad news or good news. Turns out, it was great news. They love my voice in my responses to users. Yay for being appreciated!

To end the week, we have a delicious team lunch at Tacombi in Midtown (yummy yummy authentic Mexican restaurant) and soon enough, it’s the weekend. I’m so happy my first week is in the books!