September 12, 2019

My First Lesson in Bank Overdraft Fees

I was only sixteen years old when I received my first overdraft fee. Without much financial knowledge at the time, I was perplexed when I had been charged for having less than the required amount in my checking account. This charge then caused me to overdraft my account, and I was charged an additional fee for overdrafting. I was confused, upset, and surprised by how unfair this system seemed. The first charge I could understand, but the second? And without warning! I wasn’t nearly prepared enough to fully comprehend the consequences or know about bank overdraft fees law.

Naturally, I had so many questions such as can banks charge overdraft fees on pending transactions? How many times could they charge me in a day? Imagine my surprise when learning that my situation is not only not unique, but also something that can frequently occur.

can banks charge overdraft fees on pending transactions

Now, many years later, and equipped with a little more real-world experience, this is just one of the many reasons I’ve decided to join Brigit as a software engineer. Coming from a healthcare background, I was looking for opportunities to both grow professionally as a developer and to use my skills to make meaningful and positive contributions to the world. I wanted to work on a team with a passion for doing their best to help others. Brigit aims to reduce financial stress and improve financial health. We help prevent the dreaded overdraft fee by providing financial tools to help members better manage their finances and if they need it, cash with no hidden and no obscene fees. After having worked at Brigit for a few weeks now, I’m confident that I’ve made the right career choice.

“Never forget about the user.”

I heard this phrase during my very first week at Brigit, and then numerous times after. It’s a statement that’s made a huge impression on me, since it highlights what we are working towards. Stepping into the office for the first time, I’m surrounded by dedicated and excited people who are passionate about what we do.


What I Do

On my immediate team, I work with talented engineers who have provided me with mentorship and guidance since day one. I have learned an incredible amount already through constructive feedback, weekly check-ins, and code reviews. If there’s ever a topic I’m confused about, or an area I’m interested in working in, I know there is someone who is willing to work with me. 

My first week, I’m given responsibilities that allow me to utilize and improve upon my programming skills while making real contributions to our code base and applications. Although they were small tasks at first, these were pivotal in helping me improve my understanding of our code base, our stack, and our team dynamics. As I became more comfortable with the material, I began to work on more challenging tasks.

Why I Love Tackling Bank Overdraft Fees

I’m currently developing and making changes to ensure a better user experience through our applications, while always keeping the user in mind. Here at Brigit, we appreciate all user feedback and comments. We take them very seriously, and we are always looking for ways to improve. During my first few weeks here, I’ve learned how we collaborate with other teams effectively to prioritize issues to produce the best product possible. 

The environment at Brigit is one where creativity, empathy, hard work, and collaboration thrive. We work to understand bank overdraft fees law and all aspects of the underserved population. Each person I’ve met has been eager to help, which speaks volumes to the culture and mission of the company. I’m proud to be a part of Brigit, and I’m so excited to continue my journey here.