When it comes to monthly budgets, food and groceries is a big piece of the pie (pun intended). On average, the cost to feed two people per month starts at $300, depending on age and location. You can factor in another $75-100 per person after that. Our advice? Use that as your starting point and adjust from there. Check out these 7 tips to make the most out of your food budget each month.

1. Plan your menus

Never go to the grocery store without a list! Plan what you want to make for the week and shop just for the things you need to make each meal.

2. Make the most out of your leftovers

Refrigerate or freeze leftover food to eat throughout the week. If you’re making a big batch of something, like a soup or casserole, set some aside to freeze and enjoy at a later date. Just make sure to label everything!

3. Join a store loyalty program

Many major grocery stores offer loyalty programs, giving you an opportunity to save on select items or even on your entire purchase. See what’s available at your local store and don’t forget to check the weekly ad to see what’s on sale!

4. Buy staples in bulk

You can save a lot if you buy your staples in bulk. Things like pasta, rice, potatoes, and even chicken often cost less when you shop in bulk. Just make sure you know how to properly store these items so they don’t go bad before you’re able to use them.

5. Shop for in-season produce

In-season produce will always cost less than things that are grown out of state and shipped in. Shop your local farmer’s market for the best deals and only buy what you know you’ll be able to cook and eat that week. There’s nothing worse than having to throw out produce that’s gone bad.

6. Limit your dining out

It’s not just groceries that count towards your food budget, eating out is part of it all too. Try to limit the number of times you eat out each month if you’re looking to save money. You’ll always spend more than cooking at home. And if you must eat out, try for lunch instead of dinner and you’ll likely spend less.

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