How does Groupon work, and how can you use it to get the best savings on things you want or need? Here are some tips for ways to make the most of this popular money-saving platform.

How does Groupon work?

Groupon is a digital marketplace that helps local businesses bring in new customers through special deals. Here’s a how it works:

1. Deals

Businesses partner with Groupon to promote their products or services by offering exclusive deals. These discounts often range from 50% to 90% off regular prices.

2. Finding your deal

Groupon promotes these deals on its platform by category, location, and type of product or service. You can browse the available deals in your area or check out options in other cities.

3. Buying your deal

If something catches your eye, you can purchase it directly from the Groupon site or app. You pay online and get a digital coupon that you can use at the participating business.

4. Claiming your deal

To redeem your deal, you go to the business, show them the Groupon voucher (either printed or on your mobile device), and they give you the product or service you purchased.

Ways to save with Groupon

1. Sign up for alerts

Groupon frequently updates its deals, and staying in the loop is the best way to snag great deals. Sign up for email alerts or download the Groupon app to get notifications about the latest deals.

2. Explore local deals

Groupon is an excellent resource for discovering hidden gems in your area, like restaurants, spa services, fitness classes, and more. You might find exciting experiences right in your neighborhood at a fraction of the regular cost.

3. Combine deals and cash back

Some deals on Groupon can be combined with cash-back offers from platforms like Rakuten or Ibotta. Before you buy, see if there are additional cash-back opportunities to stack your savings.

4. Check deal expiration dates

Keep a close eye on the expiration dates of Groupon deals. There’s usually a window for redemption, so you’ll want to make sure you use it before it expires.

5. Read customer reviews

 Before you commit to a Groupon deal, read customer reviews for the business offering the service. This helps you gauge the quality of the product or service and make sure it’s worth buying.

6. Refer friends for credits

Groupon often runs referral programs where you can earn credits by inviting your friends to join the platform. Take advantage of these programs to stock up on credits you can use on future purchases.

7. Be flexible with timing

A lot of Groupon deals have specific usage windows or blackout dates. Being flexible with your schedule can open up more opportunities to get the best discounts.

8. Consider Groupon+ deals

Groupon+ is a cash-back program that links directly to your credit card. When you enroll in Groupon+, you automatically earn cash back at participating restaurants.

The bottom line

Groupon offers opportunities to save money on a range of products and services. By understanding how it works and implementing smart strategies, you can maximize your discounts, discover new experiences, and save big on your favorite activities. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, a gourmet meal, or a spa day, Groupon can be your go-to resource for turning pretty great things into affordable realities.