Coronavirus has sapped us from our regular routines and required us to evolve very quickly on the fly. Luckily there are many services to help out that are free to use. Industries and organizations have pitched in and offered free resources from entertainment and education to mental health in order for us to cope during these difficult times.

Free Mental health wellness resources

There has been a lot of emphasis on physical health, but one area overlooked quite often is the maintenance of one’s mental health. An organization called Mental Health America is offering resources on anxiety and other common topics about coping during this time. There are several relatable topics as well as topical solutions in the interim. The MHA has also added links to allow you to find what professional help would be beneficial for you during this time. Check out their tool which helps you figure out the best DIY tactics and methods for you.

Free Entertainment! Movies and TV shows

Need help to pass some time? Several streaming services and channels have offered either reduced or free programming. Hulu has reduced their price to $6 a month while HBO is offering free tv show streaming from nearly all of their hits. The movie studio Focus Features is live-streaming their movie for free and the Lionsgate studio also offering 4 movies for free. Sling TV is now free with over 50 channels and live news available. The best part? No credit card necessary! Pluto you can also stream a host of movies for free as well.

Free Education and Working Out!

The very popular MasterClass series will now offer one free streaming class per week. You can learn anything from cooking, playing basketball, how to write a novel or how to be a millionaire (no guarantees of course!). These classes are taught by professionals in the field and many knowledgable celebrities as well.

You can still get your workout on the Peleton app and FitPass app. Both of these apps will offer 90 days of free trials for their various workout live and on-demand workout classes. Both of these apps offer yoga, pilates, core workouts, Zumba and much much more! If you decide you like the classes you can pay $13 a month afterward for the Peloton app and $20 a month for FitPass.

Free Online Reading Materials!

Many libraries around the country are offering to borrow digitally via your cell phone or tablet! Be sure to check with your local branch and have your library card handy to access. Amazon has also launched Audible Stories which features free audiobooks for kids and teenagers. Make sure to also check out JSTOR who has over 6,000 ebooks and free resources for students and those who want to learn more.