Budgeting can be a drag, for sure. It’s not an exciting or easy task to tackle. But the good news is, technology has your back. The best budgeting apps are here to save the day, making the whole process streamlined and simple. They’ll help you track your budget effortlessly, and even point out areas where you can save by getting rid of things like unused subscriptions. Who doesn’t love saving some extra cash?


First up, we have Brigit. This app is a budget tour de force, offering tools for basically every part of your financial life. Brigit’s Finance Helper tracks your earnings and your spending in detail, so you can see trends and areas where you might be able to cut back, and Bill Forecast alerts you to upcoming bills so you can make sure you’ll have enough money in your account to pay them. In addition, the app has a wealth of savings and financial wellness tips, as well as ways to earn extra money and exclusive discounts to help you save.

Rocket Money

Another popular app is Rocket Money. It manages subscriptions for you, making it easy for you to see which ones you can cancel. It also has a spending tracker that shows you areas where you can cut back.


Next up is Mint. With it you can create a personalized budget, and Mint will monitor your spending. It analyzes your spending habits and gives you advice on how to increase your savings. It also checks your subscriptions to make sure you’re not paying for services you don’t need. Once you connect your accounts, you can see your outstanding balances, and track your monthly expenses.


Now let’s talk about Goodbudget. This budgeting is focused on helping you create a budget you can stick to.It has debt tracking, along with tools like pie charts and reports to track your spending and categorize your finances.


Pocketguard uses smart algorithms to manage and track your spending. It reminds you to pay your upcoming bills, so you don’t have any missed or late payments. Pocketguard also has an anti-fraud feature that alerts you to any suspicious charges (like your bank or credit card companies likely do).The app automatically calculates your monthly expenses and notifies you if there’s any money left over.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Last but not least, we have You Need a Budget (YNAB). This app has an expense tracker and a budgeting tool to help you save money and reduce debt. YNAB automatically syncs with your bank accounts, providing an overall financial portrait that compares all your accounts. The app also offers a loan calculator tool to help you compare different loan options and interest rates.

These budgeting apps are here to make your budgeting journey easier and more enjoyable. Whether you choose Brigit, Rocket Money, Mint, Goodbudget, Pocketguard, or YNAB, you’ll have the tools and support you need to take control of your finances. Say goodbye to budgeting headaches and hello to financial freedom!