Self Credit Builder and Brigit Credit Builder* are both excellent options for anyone who needs to improve their credit score. However, Brigit’s Credit Builder program has a few key advantages over Self Credit Builder that make it the better choice for most people.

Monthly cost

  • Brigit: $9.99/month for a subscription to Brigit Plus and then you contribute as little as $1/month (which you can withdraw at anytime or hold as savings)
  • Self: $25-$150/month depending on which program you choose


  • Both programs are 24 months and can be canceled at any time.


  • Brigit: Brigit also includes access to Instant Cash*, where you can get up to $250 if you need it, credit monitoring, identity theft protection, budgeting tools, and earnings and savings opportunities
  • Self: None


  • Brigit: Brigit automatically makes payments to ensure on-time payments and your positive payment history gets reported to the three credit bureaus. With each payment you make, you’re able to keep that money safe as savings or withdraw it whenever you need. There’s no interest, admin fees, or cancellation fees.
  • Self: With Self, you need to manually make payments each month to have them reported to the three credit bureaus. At the end of the loan term, you get back a portion of your payments, minus an admin fee, interest, and finance charge.

Want to learn more about Brigit’s Credit Builder? Check out this 30 second video.

*Impact to score may vary. Some users’ scores may not improve. Results will depend on many factors, including on-time payment history, the status of non-Brigit accounts, and financial history. Results show that customers with a starting credit score of 600 or below were more likely to see positive score change results.

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