August 6, 2019

For city-dweller and Brigit member, Vanessa, staying on top of bills and expenses is very important. Although she keeps a close eye on her budget, additional expenses come up from time to time, occasionally leaving her short on cash. While finding a way to get cash when needed, she was recommended to try the app, Brigit, which turned out to offer more than just cash when needed. With Brigit’s predictive algorithm and Auto Advance feature, money was automatically sent to Vanessa’s bank account, before she even knew how close she was to dipping below $0. Ultimately, this saved her from incurring a $35 overdraft fee.

When you think of moving into a new home or apartment, you may first think about how you’ll decorate the interior, your new location, and the exciting places you’ll be able to explore. What many of us are keen to forget is the additional costs involved with moving. On top of these moving expenses are the weekly bills you already have to pay for. During times like these, you may be looking for a way to get cash if you need some extra help. But what if an app that sends cash could also be smart

Vanessa’s Story:

“I’m from Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I currently work as a Developer. I heard about Brigit through a friend of mine. She had such great reviews about this app that I decided to download it. At the time, I had just moved apartments and didn’t even realize my balance was running low. To my surprise, Brigit was able to help me out with cash to help me cover my expenses that week.”


How did Brigit help you cover an unexpected expense?

“After my move, my bank balance was running low. On top of it, my A/C vent suddenly gave out. I also still needed to buy groceries and toiletries for the week. Before I could even detect, myself, if I had enough money in my account, Brigit was already on it. I received a notification that money was already sent to my account, because I had Brigit’s Auto Advance feature turned on. This really saved me at the time.”

“Brigit’s Auto Advances really saved me at the time.”

What surprised you about Brigit?

“As a developer who hates filling out forms, I found signing up for Brigit to be super easy and convenient. In under 5 minutes, I was able to sign up, connect my bank, and be approved for Brigit’s Safety Net!”


While there are many ways to get cash when needed, the most easy and pain-free is Brigit which requires no forms to fill out and makes signing up and getting approved quick – taking less than 60-seconds. Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to so many tools that can help you keep track of your spending and, in cases that you need it, interest-free funds when needed. You’ll also have the option to turn on the Auto-Advance feature, which can automatically send cash to you if Brigit sees your balance running low. That way, you’ll leave the heavy-lifting to us, and you’ll get the peace of mind you deserve.