In our book, it’s always a good time to save money. These six simple budgeting tips will help you cut expenses and pocket some extra cash. The best part? You can start today.

1. Check your subscriptions

Is everything up to date? Are you still paying for a service you’re no longer using? Take a moment to look at your recent subscription charges and cut where you can. 

2. Track your spending habits

Use a budgeting tool, like Brigit, to stay on top of your spending habits and keep track of bills. The better you understand where your money is going, the easier it is to find places where you can cut back and save. 

3. Stick to a shopping list

This simple tip will make a huge difference when you’re at the grocery store. Shop only for what you need and you won’t end up with a cart full of things you may never eat. While you’re at the store, see if they have a rewards program you can join to save on your regular purchases.

4. Cook (and eat!) at home

Now that you have your grocery shopping buttoned up, make sure you cook the food you have on hand. As tempting as it is to order in, you’ll save by eating at home versus ordering take out or dining at a restaurant. (And don’t forget to eat your leftovers!)

5. Compare cell phone and cable providers

There’s a good chance you’re overpaying for these common services—and one of the easiest ways to pay less is by switching companies. Do your research and see what makes sense for your needs and bank account. A lot of providers have introductory deals and even offer to buy you out of existing contracts. If you want to save more, explore joining a family plan with friends or family through your cell phone provider.

6. Pay down your debts

If you have credit card debt, focus on getting this paid off first to avoid high interest charges over time. Focus on credit cards over car payments or mortgage payments. Try to make credit card payments that are higher than the monthly minimum. It will pay off in the long run.