We all know that summer means heat, backyard barbecues, and beach days. But did you know it’s also the ideal time to find some of the year’s best shopping bargains? From outdoor gear to back-to-school essentials, if you know what to buy and when, you can score some solid summer sale savings. Here are 5 things you can usually get great deals on during the summer.

1. Outdoor furniture and grills

Right at the peak of summer, retailers start to think about clearing out that summer gear to make way for fall inventory. An end of summer sale can mean big discounts on things like patio furniture, outdoor decorations, and grills. Look for Fourth of July and Labor Day sales, when discounts can be especially deep. If you plan to buy your outdoor upgrades during these times, you can save big!

2. Swimwear

By mid to late summer, swimwear starts to go on the clearance rack. Stores need to clear out swimsuits, beach towels, and accessories before the weather starts cooling off. That’s the perfect time to grab a swimsuit at a fraction of its original price. Planning ahead and buying next year’s swimwear now can be a smart move—especially if you have kids and need to outfit them all for summer.

3. Air conditioners

It might seem counterintuitive to buy an air conditioner as the weather’s starting to cool down, but late summer is actually one of the best times to get one. That’s because demand for air conditioners drops off at the end of the summer, so stores are eager to clear out their inventory. These summer sale discounts are big, and you might even be able to negotiate an even lower price.

4. Laptops and back-to-school supplies

The end of summer means it’s back to school for millions of students, and you can find some of the best prices of the year on school supplies and laptops. Take advantage of back-to-school sales, even if you’re not a student. This is when laptops are usually at their lowest prices of the year, so it’s a really smart time to upgrade your tech.

5. Seasonal produce

Summer is the peak season for many fruits and vegetables, so it’s the best time to buy produce like berries, tomatoes, peppers, and peaches. Prices are lower when these fruits and veggies are in season locally, and not imported from far away, and it’s also when they’re at their peak. Take this opportunity to enjoy fresh, flavorful produce at lower prices than the rest of the year.