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Kristi V.

I’d describe Brigit as a LIFELINE. It has helped me on MANY occasions to where my funds were low, didn’t have gas, needed groceries & more.

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Al-Nisa C.

I am very grateful Brigit, you definitely bridged the gap! Safety Net is awesome and it has saved me over $440 in overdraft fees!

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Jennifer F.

One of the only apps where I was able to use their tools to save overdraft fees and cover unexpected expenses.

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Sean T.

You’ll get the money instantly…better than other apps because it goes off of what you have deposited in your bank to fit your daily needs.

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Christine S.

Brigit is like no other app…they’ve come through for me when I needed help the most and always have my back for emergency expenses.

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Mario F.

Brigit’s helped me a lot. It has helped me avoid overdrafts, catch up on payments… It’s worth it. If you want easy, reliable, and fast, get Brigit.

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